A wet basement is caused by excess water pressure that is pushed through cracks in your home’s foundation. The accumulative moisture can cause serious structural damage to the foundation of your home and can also contribute to other moisture-related problems, such as mold and decay. This issue will not go away by itself, it will continue to deteriorate until it’s forcibly prevented.

Chronic wet basements or water leak problems can reduce the value of your home and most realtors advise their customers to remedy the issue prior to putting their home on the market. Long-term water exposure in your basement can lead to foundation erosion, mold and water-borne bacteria to grow in your basement.

At Zahlco Construction & Restoration we provide you with the appropriate waterproofing methodto suit your specific needs.

Exterior Basement Waterproofing

The exterior basement waterproofing method involves excavating and exposing the foundation wall. Next, we clean and inspect the exterior wall for any cracks. Once excavated, the walls are sealed with waterproofing membrane and new drainage (weeping tiles) are placed at the side of the footing. Last but not least, we check the connection of the weeping tile to the drain or sump to make sure it is working correctly.

Interior Basement Waterproofing

The interior basement waterproofing method is ideal for homeowners who are concerned about disturbing the outside appearance of their home, as it ensures that landscaping is not harmed in the process. With this method, wall vapor barriers and drip moldings are installed in order to collect water coming from wall cracks and other foundation wall defects. A drain then directs the water to a sump pump and finally the sump pump directs the water out of the basement.